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Domaine Vordy, Minervois

"In 1994, Hélène and Didier Vordy took a huge leap of faith: They left their jobs in the public sector, took over the ownership and management of the family winery, and went on a wild ride. A couple of decades later, and now accompanied by their youngest son Thibaut, they are just as passionate as ever about their winery and their wines. They run 54 acres of vine in the beautiful terroirof Minerve. On their estate, they grow 100 year old Carignan, Grenache planted in mineral-heavy soil, as well as Syrah, Roussane, and Grenache Blanc. And of course, last but not least, they grow Mourvèdre in the warmer areas of their estate. Their vines are harvested by hand, and manually sorted when necessary."


Tramontanes Wines, Côtes Catalanes

"Tramontane Wines was set up in 2008 by Philippe Gard and Andy Cook. There Goal is to distribute a range of top quality wines from the Roussillon, in South West of France.

Philippe is trained as an agricultural engineer and winemaker, and has consulted for many top Bordeaux Châteaux, and elsewhere in the world. He owns Domaine Coume del Mas in Banyuls, and lives there with his wife Natalie and their three girls.

Andy trained as a winemaker in New Zealand, and has worked buying, selling, judging and promoting wine and whisky for 20 years. He lives in the Roussillon with his wife Kirsten and their two sons. This exceptional region has a warm, dry climate perfect for healthy grapes, and a great choice of native varieties."

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