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Monthly 6 Pack Tastings

 & YouTube Video

We will putting "To Go" tastings on hold for a while. Instead, we have taken some of the most well liked aspects of our previous tastings to bring you a new experience:

1. Each month, a new selection will be made of 6 different wines

2. Purchase your "Monthly 6 Pack" at 15% off

3. Receive access to YouTube video via email

*unlimited access to YouTube video after purchase



Purchase online or via phone.

Pick up anytime during normal store hours:

Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday 12pm - 5pm

What is the YouTube video?
The YouTube video will be similar to what many of you experienced through our Zoom tastings.

Each wine will be discussed, with occasional clips, photos and miscellaneous info from the vignerons,

all accessible at your own convenience! 

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