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Provence & Bandol
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Château La Mascaronne, Côte de Provence

"La Mascaronne's chateau and cellar are centrally positioned within the  60 ha of vines growing on rolling hillsides of limestone and clay covered with small stones. With remarkably low yields and hand harvesting into small containers, we practice sustainability in all aspects of our vineyard management and winemaking processes. Having begun the process to full organic status, we emphasize respect for the environment and balance of the entire ecosystem. The domaine, at an altitude of 300m, is enclosed by a sheltering forest of oak and pine.

The excellent terroir, combined with an ideal climate and the skills of our dedicated team, are yielding wines of an exciting excellence. The Château lies at the heart of the Côtes de Provence appellation just outside the medieval village of Le Luc."


Château Mira Luna, Côte de Provence

"Mira Luna is blessed with the most beautiful terroir where the moon rises over an undulating landscape shimmering with movement and mystery.

Its beauty was such that it inspired a former Miraval owner, the jazz musician Jacques Loussier, to proclaim that Mira Luna was his very favourite part of the extensive Miraval Domaine. Tom lived and worked on Miraval for 16 years (1992 to 2008) During that time, in 1999, he found a rundown vineyard  with a truly great terroir, Chateau La Mascaronne,  and is now resident there. In 2008 Tom Bove acquired Bomont de Cormeil in Coteaux du Verdon along with his sons and daughters.

With hand picking in the early morning, low yields and organic production the Rosé will be joined by Red and White wines from the 2017 harvest."

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Château Bellini

"The Château is situated on a bluff overlooking a large watery area (Fontlade). It was frequented by the Counts of Provence who were resident in Brignoles just up the road. It has also given shelter to St Thomas Aquinas in 1252 when he moved from the University of Naples to Notre Dame in Paris. 

Our vineyard occupies approximately 35 hectares of chalk and clay terraces which are covered in small stones and surrounded by oak forests. 

Château Bellini is a winery where history, terroir, and modern techniques combine to produce extraordinary vins de Provence. This results in elegant yet full bodied reds, aromatic and dry rosés, along with fresh and flowery whites."

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Domaine Gueissard, Bandol

"GUEISSARD Vineyards are synonymous with creating exceptional wines. Simultaneously combining meticulous craftsmanship and artful mastery, the blending is a genuinely emotional furtherance in preparing wines which fully reveal the prestigious Provence soil.

We decided to have a limited production in order to sustainably preserve the vineyards as well as pursuing this philosophy by manually harvesting our grapes. Our wine production ideal is based on traditional know-how and modern techniques.

These values become an inherent part of everyday life, by the simple pleasure of pursuing a fascinating profession which is the basis of the Gueissard Vineyard’s expertise and personal objective to create one of the finest wines in Provence."

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Château de Pibarnon, Bandol

"Overlooking the Mediterranean and grown on undulating hills where olive trees, cypresses, figs, pink laurels, pines and oaks grow, the Pibarnon vineyard truly dazzles the eyes - a bit of paradise in Provence, situated on the highest slopes of the soil of Bandol. The wonderment begins as you start up the small, winding road from the village of Cadière d'Azur to Château de Pibarnon. 

The vines, planted on restanques, centuries-old terraces hand-built by generations of "wall-builders”, resemble hanging gardens suspended on those steep slopes.

The secret of Pibarnon's wines lies in the complex alchemy of its local soil: a unique Triassic limestone soil born of a particular geological characteristic which perfectly regulates the flow of water to the vineyard, a brilliant grape variety, Mourvèdre, and an altitude of more than 300 metres above sea level, matched by an ideal micro-climate. Great wines are always born on great soils."

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